Alumni in Admission

AIA provides Oxy’s alumni with meaningful opportunities to assist the Offices of Admission and Alumni Relations with recruitment efforts and admission-related activities. Applications for admission to the College have dramatically increased in numbers and in diversity over the last few years. Consequently, Oxy’s heightened selectivity plays a crucial role in identifying candidates with extraordinary academic achievement, promise, diversity, and talent. The applicant pool reflects Oxy’s continuing commitment to attracting students who represent a wide range of socioeconomic, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds.

The AIA program gives alumnae and alumni the opportunity to connect with the College and to represent Oxy in discussions with prospective students, parents, and school counselors. The time and nature of the commitment to the program is flexible in order to accommodate a wide variety of obligations and agendas.

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Bay Area 

Nina Greenbaum '15

Washington D.C. 

Katie Wiese '15


Jim Borovsky ’80, AIA Chair

New England

Amanda Ciaccio '89


Benna Gottfried '07


Miriam Subbiah '14

New York

Natalie (Kolodinski) Greenhouse '10