Directory FAQs

Directory FAQs

How do I log in to the directory?
All users must log in with a username and password.

How do I set up a username and password?
First time users will use the first-time log on procedure. Your PIDM is a unique numerical sequence that has been either mailed or emailed to you. **Current students: please note that you must also complete first-time login process. Your PIDM is NOT the same as your A00 ID number.**

Most alumni will have a username comprised of their first name, last name, and last two digits of their class year. You will need to type it in as first.last.00 (example: oswald.tiger.55). If you graduated in 2003 or later, your username will be the same one you used as a student.

Once you've completed the first-time log on, you can change your password to something you'll more easily remember. You may change your password as often as you like.

Forgot your username or password?
You will need to use the links on the logon page to contact iModules. You may also call or email the Office of Alumni Relations and we will reset the information. For security reasons, your original password is not available to our office. You will be able to create another unique password once you log in to the directory.

Can I change my username and password?
You can change your username and password. Your username will appear in your email forwarding address, if you choose to use it (username = oswald, forwarding email =

Is the directory secure?
The directory is password-protected and housed on secured servers. While some students are granted access to ASK Network through the Career Development Center, only Occidental alumni have exclusive rights to all alumni in the directory.

Can I update my information in the directory?
Yes. By updating your information, you are updating the College’s central database. Once you have logged in, choose "Add Content." Using the directory eliminates the need to write or call the Alumni Office when you move, change jobs, or change your telephone number or email address.

Who created the online directory?
iModules, a Kansas City-based company, created the alumni directory for Occidental. They have also created and maintained online directories for other major universities.

What username and password do I use to access computers on campus?
The policy of alumni accessing library computers is changing. We are not sure what username and password you will be able to use to log on to those computers, so stay tuned.

What is the Directory Privacy Policy?
Occidental College is committed to preserving the privacy of its alumni. The information on this website, including email addresses, will not be used for any commercial or philanthropic purpose not directly connected with, or approved by, Occidental College; nor will copies be made; nor will the original information or a copy be given, lent, or sold to any other individual or organization.

The password-protected, secure Alumni Directory offers each alumna/us the ability to block publication of his or her information on a field-by-field basis, except for his or her name, degree(s), year(s) of graduation, and major. Each alumna/us decides what other information to make available to other alumni.

When an alumna/us subscribes to an email list or provides an email address for other purposes, his or her email address is recorded. That address is used for sending out future alumni mailings via email. Alumni email addresses are not and will never be disclosed to any third party for commercial uses. Alumni also are prohibited from using alumni email addresses obtained from the Alumni Directory for commercial purposes.