Email FAQs

Email FAQs

After graduation, how long may I keep my Oxy email account?

Starting with the class of 2009, Oxy email accounts will expire on July 1. Occidental cannot support an inbox, storage space, or an account from which to send email. If you would like to set up email forwarding, you can make those changes in the "My Account" section of your profile. View the detailed instructions.

Do I have to keep my student account name as a forwarding address, or can I change it?

For graduates of the class of 2003 or later, you may keep your student account name, or you may change it to any other unique account name that is available. For classes before 2003, the name will follow this format: first name.last name.class For example:

Can spam filters be applied to Oxy's email forwarding?

No. Since you will no longer have an account, there is no way to set up a spam filter that screens incoming messages for non-spam email. Spam received in your Oxy email account will be forwarded to your new account. If email was considered spam mail in your Oxy mailbox, it is likely to be considered spam by any other email service provider.

What password do I use to access computers on campus?

You will use the password that you created when accessing your account in the directory. If you choose not to access the directory, your password for campus computers will remain the same as your student password (for classes of 2003 or higher).