Alumni Organizations

Alumni groups and chapters offer a wide variety of opportunities to connect online, network, socialize and volunteer. The Oxy alumni community embraces the diversity of our backgrounds, experiences, and passions. Oxy's affinity groups help alumni connect around shared interests such as faith, ethnicity, or activities. 

What are alumni organizations?

Affinity Organizations

Oxy's alumni affinity groups offer a community built around a particular interest or affiliation. Affinity groups host mixers and seminars, provide mentoring opportunities and leadership positions, and give members an opportunity to stay connected to the college and each other.
Our alumni affinity groups include: ALOED (Alumni of Occidental in Education), Alpha Alumnae, API (Asian Pacific Islanders), BAO (Black Alumni of Occidental), Blyth Fund Alumni, Council of Alumni Organizations, Delta Alumnae, Gamma Alumnae, GALA (Gay and Lesbian Alumni), Kappa Sigma Alumni, OCLAA (Occidental Latino/a Alumni Association), OCWC (Occidental College Women's Club), OCEAAN (Occidental College Entertainment and Arts Alumni Network), Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alumni, Tiger Club, and Zeta Tau Zeta Alumnae. 

Fifty Year Club:

Each year, hundreds of alumni are inducted into Fifty Year Club in celebration of their achievements since Commencement fifty years ago. Alumni from across the country, and world, travel back to Oxy to reunite with old friends, connect with new ones, and honor distinguished faculty and alumni. As members of Fifty Year Club, alumni continually seek to involve themselves within the greater Occidental College community. 


Oxy GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) offers a wide range of events and benefits for young alumni. Throughout the year, it organizes affordable, fun events, creates exciting and engaging volunteer opportunities, offers discounts on all alumni events, and provides career services for young alumni. 

Regional Chapters: 

We have 23 regional chapters spanning across the United States. The mission of the alumni regions program is to provide opportunities for alumni to maintain an active and on-going affiliation among themselves and with the College. This is achieved through creative and dynamic programming as well as providing alumni with volunteer opportunities. 

Don't see the group you're looking for?

Here's how you can start it yourself: 
New affinity groups can form around any self-identified characteristic listed in our alumni database. All you need are at least two volunteers willing to lead the group for two years and a set of goals.

Oxy Alumni Association staff can help you create an initial e-mail message inviting all alumni interested in your group's theme. We can help you survey those people and get your group listed on our website. We'll be happy to help e-mail your group membership regularly with news, help your group reunite on campus, and keep you updated with on-campus events. 

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